Leo's Feast Day!

Today is the Feast Day of Leo's patron saint: 

Pope Saint Leo the Great
About Pope Saint Leo the Great

I love the name Leo.  I love that it is a family name and it is the name of such a great role model for us!  It is also the name of 12 other great popes so Leo has a lot of patron saint prayers coming his way!

A few months ago, my mom went to visit some of our very good friends for dinner.  The Roth family is very close to us and I actually lived with their daughter Angela for 3 years - Best.Roommate.Ever.  Mrs. Roth gave my mom a gift for me (that's her in the peach - isn't she adorable?)

She and her husband saw saw a Pope Leo XIII collector plate and thought of Leo!!!  How awesome is that?!?!

Leo calls it his special plate and takes extremely good care of it.

I think in honor of this special feast day, we might even hang it on the wall...even though I'm a little nervous it will suffer a tragic accident by way of a tantrum or a thrown ball...

But maybe having it up on our wall will remind us to pray more often to our patron saints!

And...uh...we need all the prayers we can get....

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