Happy Belated Birthday Papa!!!! (and an explanation)

First and foremost: We would like to wish Papa a VERY Happy Birthday!!!!  

Papa lives much too far away in Texas!

We wish we lived closer so we could spoil you on your birthday but we hope it was fantastic!!

Now, Papa's actual birthday was yesterday.  There is a perfectly good reason why we are a day late.  

And it has everything to do with these two...

They may only be 3 and 1 & 1/2, but we don't shy away from hard work around here.  There is no magical age where you begin child labor.  I've even been known to task the newborn with watching the water boil.  What else do they have to do all day?!?!  

Everything was moving along smoothly in our home until I smelled a revolt.  When they started sleeping on the job, I just wasn't sure if they were faking it or really over-worked.

But when they armed themselves at every turn, I knew I should start sleeping with one eye open.

I knew the revolt was in full swing when they decided to really let me have it yesterday.  Jason emailed me from work with a good suggestion to make a happy birthday video for Papa! 

St. Mary's ChurchNov 13 (2 days ago)
make a video of them singing happy b-day to papa!
Lisa Gale
Nov 13 (2 days ago)
to Mary's
That means smiling at them.  And we're not able to do that while we get ready for church.  They are soooooo hard this morning!!!!
Lisa GaleNov 13 (2 days ago)
I am this close to skipping church...
Lisa Gale
Nov 13 (2 days ago)
to Mary's
Okay - pray for us that they make it through mass...

I turned my frown upside down, thinking the worst was over, and reviewed the Church Etiquette with them one more time on our way.  My optimism didn't have the desired effect.

By the time we finally left our pew to stand in the lobby of the church, Elena had already thrown a shoe (which I can't bend over and reach!!), colored on her tights with a blue pen, screamed "I DO IT!!" at the top of her lungs repeatedly and thrown a wild woman temper tantrum when Leo tried to draw a smiley face on her paper.  Leo?  He wasn't terrible.  Until the same moment she threw her tantrum - he joined in.  I started to leave out of the pew and thought Leo was following me.  He lost me and went running up to the altar yelling out "MOM???"  When we finally returned to our pew after the recessional hymn, I found Elena's shoe and the coloring tools of torture neatly placed on the bench.  I guess I was visibly rattled by the time we made our grand exit.

Jason surprised me by coming home during his lunch break to lift my spirits, bring me apple pie, and start on the dishes that were now spilling out onto the counter-top.

Jason bravely left me alone with the kids to return to work.  I did my best with them.  I was actually pretty nice considering their general mood left a lot to be desired.  Although their punishment for the day from hell was some processed box of powdered cheese and enriched macaroni product.  I felt even worse since it was a generic brand I kept in the basement In Case of Emergency.

But remember - these two are out to get me.  The ultimate retaliation for processed powdercheese "meal":

Fire hot cheeks and a warm forehead

So we parents waved our white flag of surrender and spent the day snuggling and kissing our babies.

And making lots of bone broth and other "real" foods.  

Sorry about the powder cheese kids.  As usual, You Win.

Moral of the story: Bad things happen when children are overworked and skip naps.

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