"Smizing" through the sickness

The kids have been a little under the weather.  I am somewhat surprised that Jason and I didn't catch it.  We didn't do any flu vaccines this year so I was expecting to take a ride on the achy train.  However, we have been trying to get enough sleep, Jason made me take my cod liver oil and I had some homemade chicken broth to try to stay above the illness.  Could that be why it skipped me???  Am I a complete idiot for writing this out loud and now Murphy is going to let me have it tomorrow?  Probably...

Elena was down for the count yesterday

(Sorry about the angle - blogger won't upload it properly but it's too cute to skip!)

Today Leo woke up today feeling the full effects.  After 20 minutes of straight sadness and weeping, I finally gave him the ultimate sick day prize package.  Mom's bed and movies!  That was always my favorite part about getting sick.  Except that it was my favorite because my siblings were all gone for the day while I had complete control of the remote without having to share.

I am using the mandatory at-home time to knit like caaaaRAZY!  I can't believe how relaxing and therapeutic it is.  I highly recommend it!!  I took a picture of us yesterday and have to post it due to Elena's ridiculous cuteness.  If you notice my jaw is somewhat clenched it is because I am trying desperately NOT to stick my tongue out like I usually do when I'm concentrating :)

And now for the final product!!!  I found this scarf the other day and thought the pattern was so pretty I had to try it.  I even went with the same color.

I asked Leo to give me his best Ryan Phillipe/Blue Steel face while modeling. 

Eat your heart out Tyra.  This kid was born to "smize

At least he looks WAAAAY cooler than this guy...

I have plenty more projects up my sleeve!!!  Now I just need to get the cramping in my left hand to go away.  I am prescribing more chocolate :)

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