Puttin' on my big girl pants

I spent 7 long years in corporate world America.  It was a good time to be at a good job.  I had nothing better to do with my time than sleep in, watch daytime TV and drink expensive coffee.  Having a job kept me out of trouble...kind of.

On the day I left my company, I was ecstatic that I could toss those button down oxfords and black pants.  I didn't need to do anything in the morning except nurse a baby and keep it alive.  Total score!!!  However, now we are 3 years down the road and I am a sloppy mess.  I haven't made many strides in trying to keep my house in order or clean.  When I invite people over, I have to spend days cleaning the house to just to clear the floor so I could mop if I felt like it.  And I am afraid I am embarrassing my husband.  His work ethic puts mine to shame.  He never stops working and I...well...I never start :)

All of this is a direct result of hanging up the big girl clothes.  Sweatpants make me lazy.  I fully recognize this and, even after reading about and seeing on various blogs and TV shows the importance of stay-at-home-moms getting dressed each and every morning, I failed to do so.  I like to keep my good clothes in good condition.  I'm frugal.  So wearing good clothes every day means wearing them out.  Also, I'm pregnant, and nothing is comfortable when you are pregnant.  Wearing 3 layers of shirts and panel pants means I can't scratch my belly when needed.

But after falling into the laziest slump EVER last week, I drafted a new law: I can't come downstairs unless I have my big girl pants on and I have brushed my teeth.  And miracles have been happening left and right!!!!  The kitchen stays marginally swampy but never disastrous.  Dinners are prepared.  Clean utensils are always in the dishwasher ready to be put away.  And the color of the floor is somewhat visible.  (Baby steps - alright?????)

I want to set a good example for my kids.  I want them to be able to walk out to the mailbox with me or answer the door without scanning for CPS first.  So I have been a presentable and good mom for a week.  I think I'll stick with this program as long as possible.

Seems my example is rubbing off on the children.  They immediately woke up this morning, scanned for appropriate clothing and got dressed for the day.  Proper clothing has quite an effect on them!!!

They built a city of blocks


They got busy cleaning

 AND helped me prepare the chicken for Roast Sticky Chicken Rotisserie...

and all this before 9 am!

Leo was a little nervous that the chicken would bite Elena even though I assured him the head had been chopped off.
He also astutely pointed out that the chicken has wings...just like Oma...HAHAAAAA!!!!!  Hopefully, if wings were part of the glorified heavenly body, they would be a tad more attractive than these wings :)

Also, I realize that the picture of my yesterday was a bit unrealistic.  I don't look pregnant in that photo but I am just about 28 weeks along and measuring right on target.  Here is a more accurate (but equally unflattering) photo.  We're going to try a little harder to get a nice picture for the Christmas card...

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