Driving through the Wonderland

Last night we "tween-napped" my nephews and niece since they were the only ones left in the house and we drove to the local Christmas Light Display.  It seemed a bit odd driving through a Winter Wonderland with the weather being 60 degrees and rainy.  But at least we could open the windows and really let loose! 

Elena isn't normally pants-less but she jumped in 5 puddles too many and was soaked from the waist down. We improvised with her older cousins socks as pants but she was too embarrassed to keep them on :)

There were a few lit-up tunnels we drove through.  Leo started a tradition a few months ago where you have to duck and cover your head when you go under a bridge lest you lose your head.

Then he laughed and called them all suckers.

Elena knows how to play by the rules though (A little help for you: The first word she screams is "Nutcracker")

We discovered Leo is actually not that bad of a driver and sort of understands the wheel/road concept.  Unfortunately, he has no idea to keep the vehicle on the road.  He clearly wants to crash the car...

How 'bout his hair?  He knows how to get out the blow-dryer and dry his hair after tubby-time.  His favorite thing is to hold the dryer in one spot for exactly too long to leave a permanent wind spot (you can see the wind spot a little better in the 1st picture).  I'm going to have to hide the hair dryer until after Christmas...

This is Elena's favorite cousin.  He does whatever she wants whenever she wants.  She is extremely comfortable around him.  But we are going to have to work on her etiquette for her future dating days .

I hope you all are enjoying the last few days before the relaxing Christmas season begins!!!  I am pumped because my favorite gift, that wasn't supposed to arrive until after Christmas, actually showed up to my door yesterday.  Now I get to surprise my Secret Santa with the most fantastic gift I have ever thought of.  HOORAY!!!  Now I need to get back to my knitting :)

But first I'll watch our JibJab Video one more time!!

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