Snapshots of a Sunday with Clan Donaldson

This week I participated in the inaugural Snapshots from a Sunday - the brainchild of Cari at

This is part of our contribution

Here is the concept in her own words:

Like I explained in my previous post, today is "Snapshots from a Sunday", where a wonderful group of bloggers agreed to share a tiny glimpse into what their life looked like today.  Looking at the finished product, I'm so excited to share it with you. 

Have you ever been driving around in your car, or standing in a crowd of some sort, and suddenly  been struck by the obvious but unbearable thought that every single person around you has their own complete life?  That this moment of intersection is fleeting, and they're leading lives as big as yours that you'll probably never know anything about?  Do you ever get overwhelmed by the thought of how many unknown lives there are on this planet?
I do, anyway.  And I think that's why I love this project so much.  It provides a point of reference, some common ground for me to rest on in the middle of all these lives.  I love how each picture is so unique, so different, yet there's elements of the familiar and shared in them all.

Please click the button below to visit Cari's blog to see our 8-9 am slot and the day in pictures from around the blogosphere!

And please check out the other posts on her blog especially Lotus' Closet!!

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