7 Quick Takes (#13)

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1) We are the primary teachers of our children.  From birth they watch us and do as we do.

Which is why I wasn't surprised at all when I discovered that Elena has been coloring all over the door that I use to chart their growth!!!


2) Her expertise isn't limited to crayons.  Turns out she is pretty crafty with a pen.  

She has a vague understanding that pens are for paper...

But is quite liberal in her use of the pen


3) I found a princess dress for Elena in our costume bag (thank you Rachel!!!) and she has been rocking out in it all week.

I think she is channeling her inner Rapunzel - sans the hair

4) WHAT???

How do YOU watch Tangled???
Oh kiddo - I'm so sorry for this.  If I forget to remove this photo before your first date, it's not because I don't love you.
It's because I love you ;)


5) I have to retire the sewing machine for just a short while but I was able to quickly finish the kids Halloween costumes for this year.  You'll have to wait a week to see what we have created.  But, here's a clue:


6) I interviewed my doula this morning!!!  I'm so excited.  I had a very successful drug-free birth with Leo and ended up with an epidural for Elena.  (I haven't ever posted their birth stories but I might feel like it when I get closer to this one's due date.)  This time around, I'm willing to shell out some cash so that I can make it through the birth without the drugs and I can't wait.  Oh - that just sounded ridiculous...


7) You all know now that I am wildly passionate about birth control and since I always come up short on 7 takes, I'll post some of the best stuff I came across this week.

Happy Weekend everyone.  I'm taking the little ones to a Halloween party tomorrow while Jason goes hunting with his new bow and arrow!!  Hopefully he doesn't shoot his eye out...

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