Knitting Project COMPLETE!!!!

Back on September 9th, I put up a blogpost: Warring Amoebas in Flight, where I decided that I was going to publicly challenge myself to completing one of two things: Anna Karenina or this knitting project.

Reading books with small children in the house is a near impossibility.  Between each sentence, I get interrupted.  I could read when they are napping or asleep for the night...if I weren't pregnant and falling asleep between each sentence.  So, I'll hold the book until after this new baby arrives when I have more energy.............*HAHAHAAAAA*

Anyway, I started this knitting project in the beginning of September and then FINALLY completed it this week.  A babyleg for Elena!!

Two problems: I strongly dislike how the colors fell into perfect blocks instead of being intertwined.  Also, I didn't do a loose enough cast-on or bind-off to slide them on her chunky thighs.

In order to knit peacefully with 2 curious toddlers, I throw these Melissa and Doug Lace and Trace boards at them and they leave me alone! 

So, 3 days ago, I slid this one sad looking babyleg into my knitting bag and started over.  It took 2 months to complete one babyleg, and only 3 days to complete 2 brand new ones!!!!  I'm quite proud of myself.  Once I learned how to knit different patterns and once the finished product was in front of me, I had motivation to move fast.  I watched every video on Youtube, searched every knitting pattern and explored all the possibilities on Pinterest.  I always wondered how women could sit and knit for hours.  I only managed a few minutes at a time until my arms and hands cramped up.  With a little practice, I can go for hours without noticing though.  And, if I focus long enough on the project in front of me, I don't even notice the full laundry baskets or the full sink!!!  It's a glorious distraction :)
When Elena sports these little doo-dads, she fancies herself a pro-dancer.  She likes to stomp and dance around until they fall to her ankles and then she screams, "OH NO!! BROKEN!!!!" until we come and pull them up.  

Now I just have to figure out how to make them stay up?????

But I do love them.  Actually so does Leo.  He wants me to knit him some "robot arms".  My next project?  Maybe a tote bag??  And once I figure out how to score yarn for super cheap, I'll make a blanket for the baby :)

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