OWS hits the Gales

There is a very good reason for my kitchen to look like this...

The Occupy Wall Street movement has hit my kitchen.

They set up shop and they're not leaving until they get what they want.  They even repurposed the cardboard box so they could bunk-up overnight.  There are no laws set up against sleeping in the kitchen.  There is less of a democracy going on around here and more of a dictatorship.  

But what exactly do they want????



Yeaaaaaaah - I don't think they know what they want either...  So for now I'll let them stand up for their freedom and then I'll quietly crush their dreams as soon as they start peeing in the corners.

Until then, they can march their little hearts out as long as it wears them out in time for naptime!

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AND!!!  A big happy birthday to Crazy Uncle Nathan!!  May all your dreams come true :)

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