Chubby Baby Feet

I was hanging with my mom while Jason manned the kids.  His mission: Keep the kids out of my moms house and keep them quiet so they don't disrupt her sleep (she just had a surgery).  My mom has a really nice in-law suite at my sisters house but no insulation to block out thunderous footsteps, bouncing balls or tantrumming babies (it's a word...I say so).

The cousins kept my children occupied outside while Jason kept them alive.  After a couple hours, he finally brought the kids down to my mom's and I saw this:

I can't divulge the identity of the person who painted the little piggies.  Code 29-B of Man Law states that any man who paints toenails immidiately loses his seat at the Man Table.

However, if there were a father/daughter cuteness clause in said Man Law, I would then be permitted to divulge the identity :)

My brother asked me if I am ever nervous my children's feet might explode from the chubby cuteness.   

Fact: There is no such thing as "too chubby" when talking about baby feet.

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