Shortage of wit

I'm in a blogger phase/funk.  I still take a lot of fun pictures but just can't match them with the creative side of the blog.  I'll probably take a break from the "pressure" of coming up with creative blogs and just post a few pictures.  When I started blogging, I knew that there would be ebbs and flows, but I naively believed I could have a perfectly full blog - like the kid striving for perfect attendance in grade school (yes, I was one of them).  I just love being bit by the creative bug and stringing things together in a fun way.  Right now though, I'm experiencing a major shortage of wit.

My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer recently and we are just focusing on spending time with family and laying low.  I actually spent the day with my mom at the hospital today as she recovered from a gall bladder surgery.  I left before my babies woke up and rushed out at the crack of dawn to drive alongside all the road-weary working folks.  It was nice to spend the day with my mom - but my empty arms were a little unsure to do with their new-found freedom!  After a long day away from my kids, I cannot even believe how much I missed them.  I have a trip in April that will take me away from them for 2 nights.  I'm probably going to end up walking home from Boston just to hug them...I don't think I'll survive!!

Here is a cool picture of almost our entire family taken at the twins baptism last month.  We are only missing 4 immediate family members in this photo (my oldest brother and his family)!  Everyone directed their attention to the "real" photographer while a friend snapped photos with my camera. I need to get my hands on the real photos!

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