How to say "I Love You" in Texan

Bacon + Cheese + Butter + a tiny neat container to hold all that goodness = How to say "I Love You" in Texan.

My poor Texan husband - He married a Yankee.  Not only do I cook with ground turkey and know what tempeh is, but I also won't let him buy a deep fryer and have only cooked bacon twice.

I grew up eating macrobiotic foods.  "A macrobiotic diet (or macrobiotics), from "macro" (large) and "bios" (life), is a dietary regimen which involves eating grains as a staple food supplemented with other foodstuffs such as vegetables and beans, natural animal foods and avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods.

While all the other kids unwrapped their fruit roll-ups, I attacked my krinkly salty Nori with a vengeance.

I have made great strides this year: I started buying whole milk, bought a cow (dead. not alive. and permanently residing in our freezer) and even bought a few packs of bacon at Costco the other day.

I have a hard time cooking the same thing twice.  I bought cremini mushrooms for chicken tetrazzini but just couldn't do it after serving it twice in the last month.  Then I remembered one of Jasons favorite food: fried mushrooms.  I can't do the fried bit, but I CAN meet him halfway!


3 slices bacon
8 cremini mushrooms
1 tablespoon butter
1 tablespoon chopped onion
3/4 cup shredded Cheddar cheese

Separate your caps from your stems

Dice the stems and the onion

Overcook the bacon???  Or's only my second time.  I'll learn.
I actually saved 3 slices of bacon and the bacon grease for mashed pototoes a la City Wife, Country LifeEat THAT macrobiotic diet!!!!!

Cook the diced mushroom and onion in a little butter until it is soft (about 5 minutes).

Get your cheese and bacon ready

Combine mushroom and onion mixture with cheese and bacon

And stuff into each of the mushroom caps.

These little guys are even delicious reheated in the microwave!!  But please don't forget your tums ;)

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