Swagbucks Update

I wanted to give an update on Swagbucks.  A few months ago, I wrote about my "winnings" on Swagbucks.  It's a site where you search the web using their "google" search bar.  You earn swagbucks for each search.

Here is the link to my original blog post that described Swagbucks and how it works.

I wanted to do an update to post what my winnings look like now.  In the 5 months since I joined Swagbucks, I have earned $45.00 in Amazon.com money (it is already applied to my amazon account).  I have also earned $20.00 in Target.com money and $15.00 in Thanks Mama money (a cloth diapering company).  So, I made $80.00 in 5 months!!  Most of the recent earnings was through referrals.  When I did my last post, I gained 8 people who joined Swagbucks under my name.  I earn bucks when you earn bucks!  (Up to 1,000.)

So, if you want to try to earn some free money online, Swagbucks is your best bet.  It's easy and you don't have to do much to earn the money!


  1. I use Swagbucks and in two months have had $40 of payout through Amazon gift cards :). Most of my points came through referrals, too. It's nice to wake up and see another 30 points added through the night because of referral winnings :-D.
    Although it's very very sad to see referrals who never search :-\. Oh, that they were active and winning points for themselves and for me! hehe

  2. I love doing SwagBucks too. You go girl!! Great racking up!


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