I joined Swagbucks in the middle of June to see what all the hype was about.  Many other crafty people are using Swagbucks to try to earn points.  I have also joined about 800 other sites in the hopes of using my downtime at home with the kids to get free stuff.  So far, Swagbucks is one of only 2 or 3 lucrative sites! 

Swagbucks is basically the same as Google.  The concept is - you search for items using their "google" page and you earn swagbucks.  I installed the Swagbucks toolbar and use it instead of the google toolbar.  Over the course of the last 2 months, I have earned 1,494 Swagbucks!!  Just today, I Swag-googled the term "blog giant grocery deal" and I won 100 swagbucks!!
Disclaimer: Results not typical!

Seriously, 100 swagbucks is rare on a search, however, I usually win close to 50 swagbucks a day just from searching things I normally would google.  Todays searches consisted of "Crap!  I forgot to thaw the roast!" "Crap! I forgot to buy cream of mushroom soup!"  "Substitute for dry onion packet" and "Carry-out number for Outback".

On average, I will win 11 swagbucks for 1 out of 4 searches!!  After 2 months, I can take my 1,494 swagbucks to the swagstore and pick from the following gift cards:
I could get $20 in Amazon.com giftcards, or $10 to Starbucks or Barnes and Noble!  I am saving all my bucks to get a bunch of Amazon.com gift cards to do my Christmas shopping with. 

If you haven't already started Swag-searching, click here to check them out!!

Important info regarding redeeming your Swagbucks:  If you plan on redeeming your Swagbucks for Amazon.com gift cards, it is more advantageous to redeem $5 Amazon.com giftcards as frequently as possible.  (10 $5 Amazon.com gift cards are 1,500 swagbucks cheaper than 1 $50 Amazon.com gift card!)  There is a limit - 2 rewards daily and only up to 5 of the same rewards per month.  Good thing there are Starbucks and Target gift cards on there :)

Here is a link to my November Swagbucks Update!


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  2. Ok, I'll bite. I've seen enough of my friends use swagbucks that I figure I might as well try it out too! Congrats on your big win. :)

  3. Sarah - It really is worth it!! And so easy. I sometimes try to do the surveys, but I don't qualify for a lot of them. Searching is the easiest way to earn and I cannot WAIT to cash my bucks in for starbuck....I mean amazon!

  4. I Love Swag Bucks. I was able to get a $50 Southwest card which helped my hubby fly up to see his parents!! Love it!

    Great post!

  5. Southwest is on there?! I haven't even explored all of the cards yet! We try to travel to Texas to see my husbands family every year...wonder how many Swagbucks for 4 tickets?....

  6. Nathan joined Swagbucks. Since he used your referral to join he says you owe him. ;)

    By the way, we didn't get points searching for things like, "my wife better find out she's pregnant soon or I will throw myself out the window."

  7. HAHAHAAAA!!! You guys are hilarious :) And Nathan doesn't know Swagbucks is like the Mafia. Now that he had his first taste for free, he owes me 70% of all his winnings. Or I send Leo to break his leg!!!


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