Yet again...

Remember back when I told you this happens quite frequently in my house?  For every cup of water I drink, I spill another cup.

It's ridiculous, I know.  HOWEVER!  This time it wasn't my fault!!

It's official, she's mobile.  I just caught her crawling to the front door where I was putting Leo's shoes on.  We are now in the stage where vacuuming must occur every other day or she IS the hoover vacuum!!  She is often found in the corner* between the two couches where there is a trash bin for paper products (*pictured above).  In my laziness, I often throw and miss.  She recently discovered this magical corner of never-ending paper products and has been disposing of them for her mouth.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...right????


  1. I can't believe how fast she's growing! (And apparently moving!) What a doll...

  2. I wish so badly that our littles could get together to play. Or eat paper together. Or crawl all over each other. Good luck with the newly mobile!


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