Hairy String Cheese Man

As parents, we sometimes need to come up with creative ways to coax our children to eat.  (I don't understand it.  Not one bit.  I'm not even sure he's mine.  No child of mine could voluntarily turn down food.  Fact.)

Allow me to introduce you to Hairy String Cheese Man:


  1. Oh...I'm all out of creative ways to get my daughter to eat! Ugh. Not sure what is going on, but nothing seems to interest her.

    Love the John Deere shirt!

  2. It's the worst!! We have banned all snacks in between meals. Last night, he was too wired to go to sleep. At about 8:15, I realized he hadn't eaten dinner and we never offered him anything else! He just didn't eat - period. I had to give him a peanut butter spoon to calm him down and get him to go to sleep. Can man live on peanut butter alone?!?!

  3. Here from the hop - good evening, getting in a little late on the game,
    hope its a good one!


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