Giant Eagle Stockpiling!

I used to be quite baffled at the grocery store when I would pass a cart with a TON of one item in it.  (I would just laugh when it was all Mylanta or something.)  However, since I started couponing, I am now converted.  I am that annoying lady with 1,000 of one item in her cart.  There is a method to our madness!  And a big thank you to all of you in advance for waiting patiently behind me in the check-out line so I can complete my ridiculous order of 1,000 Gas-X's with 1,000 matching coupons (just kidding...sort of).

So, I set off today to purchase some swag and I am still trying to keep our weekly budget to under $50 for groceries. 

The total should have been $137.94 but I paid $58.97 for 58 items.  I saved $78.97!!  That's a savings of 57%!  Plus I received a $3.00 off your next order from the Green Giant veggies :)

Here's my summary in 3 photos.

1st Photo
Bananas: $2.16
4 Yogurt: FREE
9 Veggies: $5.40
6 Ore-Ida: $7.50

TOTAL: $15.06

2nd Photo
4 Clorox: $2.00
4 Salsa: $4.00
2 Reach: FREE
2 Listerine: FREE
4 Cookies: $3.00
2 Nutri-Grain: $4.00
4 Wanchai Meals: $8.00
2 Macaroni Grill Meals: $4.00

TOTAL: $25.00

(I am admittedly not a fan of "Dinner in a box" but you can't beat the convenience when we are running around and I haven't come up with a meal idea.  They are my "Break Glass in case of emergency" meals and they save us money we would have spent on a fast food trip!)

3rd Photo

Total: $12.27
After over a month of lying to myself that I would make all sorts of foods for her and freeze them, I decided to break down and get some baby food for Elena.  I will STILL go ahead and make some "real" food for her myself soon.  (Lying is a sin...I know...)

Anyway, I even had some miscalculations when I planned my trip and ended up with some more expensive items than I planned. (stuff that turned out to be over a $1.00!  How cheap am I?!?!)  Even so, not bad for my first real stockpiling trip!!


  1. I like how Leo totally does a Vanna for your deals. Ohhhhh Ahhhhh!

  2. HAHA!! He's so excited to see yogurt that he jumped in the photo! I didn't even realize he was so "Vana" about it all. His arms ARE perfectly positioned :)

  3. You really did stockpile this week! Great trip! I remember how expensive baby food is. I was a "bad" mommy and didn't make baby food either. I just switched to mashing our food as soon as I could.

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I always stock up on baby foods, when there is a great deal, because is just easier!

    Thank you for participating in last week’s Weekly Savings Linky, come link up again at the Weekly Savings Linky @ Frugality Is Free , it’s a great place to connect with other frugalistas. Did you become the Top Frugalista of the week?


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