Leo's trying to make a break for it

"Elena, I'm so bored"

"Doesn't it look like way more fun outside?!"

"When mom's not looking, I'm going to launch you out the window.  Just make sure you land on the back of the recycling truck"

"Yeah, you're right.  Probably not the best idea."

"Elena quick!  Grab a laundry basket and follow me!  Let's get outta here!!"

"OK, Elena I figured it out. Jump on and hold on tight!"

"Elena!  Stop squealing with delight so we can sneak past mom!!"

"This is the tricky part.  Hold on tight and I'm going to push you real fast so we can bust through the door."

Elena: "NOOOOO!!!!!"

Leo: "Okay fine.  I'll do it.  Just go real fast and we can get outta here!!!"


  1. Oh my gosh. Your kids are soo cute.. and I love all your captions!!

    Thanks for the smile today!!

  2. Seriously Leo, don't you know the first rule in life? You can't go anywhere (especially breaking out of the house) without pants. :)


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