This meal is 100% Strong Man Approved

With my most recent purchase of all things "Mexican" - I had resigned myself to a month of eating home-cooked Mexican food.  Not the worst of fates, but MUCH too monotonous for this stay-at-home-mom!  So I tried something new - Homemade pizza!  The dough was actually really simple!

One bag of shredded cheese down - only 9 more to go!

Top it off with a tomato from our garden!

And voila!  Homemade pizza!

Let's bless this mess!



So is it???

Strong Man certified delicious!!

Everyone gives this Pizza Dough 2 thumbs up!!

Next time, I will probably take the time to let it rise.  It was a bit dense.  And I will add some more flavor like garlic.  Overall, it was easy, fun and delicious.  Now I just need to find 9 more recipes that include shredded cheese!!!  (Suggestions welcome!!)


  1. I've got a recipe that uses one bag of shredded cheese, but it's more like a side dish, and makes a lot so perhaps you'd want to make half as much..

  2. That looks delicious. You could do egg scrambles (we've been doing eggs, ham, onion, and shredded cheddar), some sort of casserol, or top a salad with the cheese. Oh man, I love cheese...

  3. wow you made it sound so easy... and that looks yummy. Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm following back now!

    Loved browsing through and reading your posts. Beautiful pictures!!


  4. Those pictures are just priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love them!!!

    Hey.. guess what?? You have been tagged!

    So, come play with us! =]

  5. Hi, Gale. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog "Wilborn-White News." I am following back. I love that you are part of a network of Catholic women who blog and can't wait to find out more about that. I also love that you are a SAHM who delights in finding creative ways to save her beautiful family money. As for recipes for all of that cheese you bought...ever consider quesadillas? My friend Nicole of Nicki-Woo the Home Guru posted a recipe a while back. Here's the link: Somewhere on her blog is a recipe for homemade whole wheat tortillas. I'll be back soon.

  6. OMGosh!! He's so cute crossing himself! So precious!


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