Best Giant Eagle Shopping Trip Yet!

This should have cost me $94.41:

After just shopping the sales at Giant Eagle this week, it should have cost me $66.66.

Including all my coupons, it only cost me $35.16.  62% Savings!! 

And after I put everything away, I panicked that I left a bag there when I couldn't find my green chilis!  I found them stuffed away in a bag along with the beans.  Crisis averted.

I am freezing a bunch of the bags of cheese (10 bags of Kraft shredded cheese for less than $1.00 each!) and it looks like my family will be feasting on Mexican food for the next month week or so. 

Now you can start taking bets on whether those 4 bags of Butterfingers will still be around when Halloween arrives!!


  1. There's no way those Butterfingers would be around at Halloween if they were with me. I love Butterfingers!


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