It's a good day for a....


But why is Strong Man gracing us with his presence today??

I had a coupon for a free coffee.  But seriously, who goes to Dunkin Donuts and only gets coffee?!

Leo doesn't quite understand the difference between machines/humans.  He spends a lot of time saying hello to inanimate objects.  Just as I finished placing my order in the drive-thru and started to pull away, Leo pipes up in the backseat, "Byeee!!" to the machine.  I suppose if I grew up with talking machines everywhere and awesome movies like Cars, I would be a little confused too.
Just yesterday he went on a little scavenger hunt with my camera to snap a shot of a few of his favorite things.  (Yes I know mom.  I shouldn't give my camera to my toddler.  And no, I will not ask you for money when he breaks my camera....)

As he traveled our through our front yard, he said "HI TAR!!  CHEEESE!"


"HI DOOR"...and finger...



But my favorite picture of all...

And no mom - this picture was not taken as he dropped my camera.  The camera is still in perfect working condition :)


  1. Wow- he's quite the photographer! And he's such a doll!!! My children talks to the GPS so it's normal! haha! You're is an absolute doll, by the way!

  2. Srong Man!!!!!!!!


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