Giant Eagle is a friend of mine

When I can get all this for $42.83!!!

The total cost should have been $79.12!  I picked up 4 bags of chocolate chips for some baking I need to do for my sister-in-law's baby shower!  I promised her the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies for the bash.  And hey - any pregnant mom withs twins - MY niece and nephew - can have anything she wants!!!

Even though I had to shop for our regulars (milk, bananas, etc.) and I paid full price for a bunch of stuff, I think I did alright.  We went shopping as a family...hence the two Hillshire Farm sausages.  I made Jason put his hands in his pockets shortly after those landed in my cart.  (But he's making an egg/sausage/biscuit breakfast as I write this so I'm shutting my mouth now!!!)

I set an informal budget of $50.00/week since we already have meat and get our veggies through our CSA.  So, I'm $7.00 under budget!!

I love Giant Eagle.  The cashiers are always sooo nice and welcome coupons.  And they are fast so the people behind me only get to huff a teeny bit.

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