A really scary Geordi La Forge

Why does Elena look so frightened you ask?

I have the sudden urge to sing "Butterfly in the sky!  I can fly twice as highhhhhh"

"Take a look!  It's in a book!  Reading Rainboooowwww!!!"

Okay, so the reference may be lost for some, but Levar Burton will always remind me of Reading Rainbow, which is clearly his true claim to fame.

We either have a future doctor, avid reader, or blind space traveler on our hands...

For your throw-back enjoyment:


  1. Ahahahaha! I used to watch Reading Rainbow! I had totally forgotten about it!

  2. HEHE. Hilarious. I too used to watch Reading Rainbow-- I was actually thinking of it just the other day. Weird. Leo is too too cute.

  3. Congratulations to Lisa G. for getting the correct answer!!!

    The answer is: Wifey should not take the bet. Hubby would pick up the bowl, drink her coffee, and pay Wifey the $1 for her $3 drink. Hubby now saved $2.. It's all about saving even if it's considered Hubby fail =) However, I might be sleeping on the couch tonight =(

    Lisa G. answered: Don't take the bet!!! The husband is going to drink the coffee WITH his hands and say "Darn! I guess I lost that bet" but his tummy is now full of delicious iced coffee and the wife has none!

    You win a bonus entry to our Pillsbury Sweet Moments Giveaway!!!!!!!


    Thanks for playing and stopping by!!! =)

  4. Hahaha. That's so cute! Is he using a headband?


  5. It's a stethascope!!! Both the kids got one when they were born and they come apart :)


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