TMI on ALL the kids!

FOUR! I have four amazingly awesome and adorable angels to update you on! (See what I did there?)

I love 'em. This parenting gig got a little, shall we say, "dicey" for a while after the addition of #3. And then it all evened out after we welcomed #4. But I'm not going to lie - three kids was a tough transition for me. Now that I've set the bar so low, it rests comfortably on the core of the earth, everything is awesome.

Sorry about that. I know it will be ringing through your ears while you read the rest ;)

Onward to the updates!


Leo is 7 years old and entering the 1st grade at our local private Catholic elementary school next week!  He just lost his two front teeth and spits on anyone he talks to. He thinks potty humor is The.Best. And he frequently blurts out "Awwwwwww! Bridget is SOOO CUTE!!!"

He is a protector, a rule-follower and very inquisitive. He always officially passes Bridget duty to me by yelling "I'm done taking care of Bridget Mom. You got her? You sure? Sure?" 

He loves bats, camping, K-nex and Legos. So, he's pretty much the quintessential 7 year old boy.



Elena is 5 & 1/2 years old and cannot WAIT to go to Kindergarten! One of her favorite things is when I leave her places and she gets to be by herself or go home in someone else's car. I keep telling her that I'm going to miss her so much when she goes to school that I'm going to sneak in her backpack and hang out all day with her. And we'll stuff Bridget in her lunchbox so we can all be together. She is so nervous that I might actually do it that she's starting to get annoyed with me :D

She is so exuberant, lovable and excited about life that everything is the best ever, every day is the best day ever, and everyone she knows is her best friend ever.

She loves coloring, fashion design and cooking. And I sooo wish I had my 1980s fashion plates to hand down to her!!



Roman is 3 & 1/2 going on 85. He is like a grumpy and hilarious old man. He is easily everyone's favorite because...well...I don't know. He's just all character. I think he might be interested in keeping things organized and neat in the home. Which sucks for him because he has me as a mom!!  He is like one big muscle and can't wait to wrap himself around me all day. He is the holder of the pacifier, the finder of ALL the things (seriously - don't point something out before him or he blows), the knower of all the things (you know nothing, just smile and nod at him) and my sister joked that being with him is like being under the tyrannical rule of a tiny dictator. But he's mostly just sweet and hilarious.

He is generous, loves his baby sister, and is obsessed with ice cream and firetrucks, and always has to know what time it is.

When we had to leave the firestation because the alarm went off, Roman insisted he had to get on the firetruck. I told him only firefighters could go. He pointed to his hat and said, "But I'm AM a firefighter!" *breakmyheart*



My favorite.

She loves to dance. And she loves anyone who smiles at her. She screams until you give her what she wants and she always gets it. She has awesome hair.

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There you have it! Updates on all the kids. Now I can get to the normal blogging. Which won't be super frequent, but will hopefully pick up a little :)  Now comment below so I can start adding your blogs to my list to read! I've been out of the loop for a while...


  1. I used to always read your blog, so I was happy to see you back! I cannot get over Elena's hair, she is so gorgeous!

  2. I think we have matching 3.5 year olds. Mine is also a tiny dictator with the heart of an 80-year old man. (and my secret favorite.) Glad to see you back here :) (and ditto on your daughter's hair-amazing!)

  3. Your kids are all very good looking!


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