Is it time to resurrect the blog?

PART 1: 

I'm wondering if it is?!

We just moved across the country from Tyler, Texas, our home for the last 3 years, to Dickson, Tennessee!

I suppose that major life change is worth of a blog post or two. And we had a baby! I should update the header...


Jason & I: 

Jason was offered a job as the Director of the Catechist Formation Program at Aquinas College in Nashville. Although the job is an absolute dream job for him, we agonized over the decision to leave Tyler, Texas because of our awesome relationships and community there. We made a lot of life-long friends and are going to miss them SO much!  (** I miss you all!!!!!)

Just a few of the amazing friends I made!!

Me: I started my own business this past January! I am the Virtual Desk Assistant! I combined my experience as an administrative assistant for years in Corporate America with my experience running the foodclub for over 2 years in Texas and decided to stop giving away my services and start getting paid for them! It is going better than I could have imagined and I am gearing up to find and add a few more clients as soon school starts for the kids! 

If you know of any small businesses who could use a little administrative help, website help or marketing help, send them my way!

I also just started attacking my health. I wasn't able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight after Bridget was born last summer. I have tons of excuses but won't bore you with them. So after months of thinking about getting started, I finally bit the bullet and bought my first supply of Plexus Slim.  I was finally able to kick the sugar habit by killing the candida overgrowth. I no longer have sugar or snack cravings and I'm able to control my eating daily to stay in a healthy calorie range for weight loss! I am working out, feeling great, losing weight and ready to shed the extra pounds! And now I'm starting with Trim Healthy Mama and I'm absolutely loving how it blends with traditional and whole foods eating. I even get to resurrect my sourdough starter :)))

But they were worth it!!!

(...stay tuned for the update on the kids in Part 2!!)

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  1. Yes! You should definitely resurrect the blog!!!!

  2. Is it time to resurrect the blog?




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