Dream vs. Reality

I try to do some sort of exercise daily. Whether it is a 30 minute walk through our neighborhood, a youtube video workout, or just some squats real quick to feel like I did something measurable.


Sometimes I have my own entourage joining me for my walk. 

But my entourage pales in comparison to the turkey gang trolling our neighborhood for choice bugs. I spot this turkey crew on almost every walk I take. (They aren't as sinister as the skunk mob. You be sure to run the other way if you spot those punks....)

It's not that I don't appreciate my neighborhood walk. But there is a hill that is a straight vertical incline and I can't push two kids in a stroller up it. No way. So morning walks with the kids around our neighborhood are out. They can't even make it up this hill walking unless I pull them!!

There is a small lake about 1 mile away from us with the best sidewalk around it for walking and lots of wildlife for the kids to check out. I have had this dream of going around this lake for a walk since we moved here. The "plan" in my head is to go there for a walk before I get started on my workday and early enough that I won't back out after I'm tired and coming up with excuses. The best time seems to be right after I drop the kids off at the bus stop and before we get back to the house.

Doesn't that sound grand? Can't you see it now? I gently hug and kiss my two elder children and wave a swift goodbye as they jump onto their schoolbus. Then I make the short drive to the lake, put the two younger children in their pram and enjoy a leisurely and refreshing jaunt around the lake. Man that sounds good.

Reality Check: In the mornings, I am bit like Gru. I'm about as pleasant to be around, I have a similar body shape (potato, all the way) and I am usually barking orders.
There will be no laughing, talking, burping, farting, playing, or general frivolity until you have eaten and are fully dressed and ready for school!! Eat! Drink! Why aren't you wearing pants??

We wake up in plenty of time to accomplish all of this!

But the lolly-gagging. 

And the storytelling. 

And the mirror-face-making. 

It adds a minute. Or twenty.

Then getting off to the bus stop, with or without clothes for the younger two. Rough. 

The only person consistently ready for the day is Elena. She is always perky and ready to go. She is the highlight of my mornings. Along with my coffee.

Speaking of coffee, this walk around the lake wouldn't be possible unless I skip the coffee and drink it...later???  So many stumbling blocks in my way!!!

So, the happy little dream of taking a relaxing walk in the early morning around the peaceful lake will just have to wait. Until menopause.

For now I'll just come home and focus on the important things in life: Breakfast


Does the early morning routine for school-goers get any easier??  I pass the high school in the mornings and the frazzled mothers of teens speeding around me don't look any more relaxed than I am??

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  1. I only have one kiddo but my trick in the morning is to have as much done the night before as i can so i can do things like throw clothes at Daniel and tell him to get dressed while I put a bra and my shoes on. (I generally sleep in my sweats anyway so all I need most of this time is a bra and shoes.) Once Daniel is in his transportation (they're sending a car instead of a special ed bus this year), I stretch, grab prayer beads, and head out for my prayers/walking/cardio/whatever.


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