Does the egg count for nothing?

Bridget just moments after she was born and my sister's "congratulations" comment

One of the MAJOR bonuses to moving to Nashville is that I am much closer in proximity to my siblings and I have already had the chance to hang out with most of them in the short time we have been here. I keep hearing from my family that Bridget looks like my Granny Bridget! And like me! And I LET them get my hopes up. Because the reality is that it takes two to make a baby. Two contributors. How can one consistently cancel out the other. Eradicate any evidence that the other helped??

After all, look at this awesome photo of my dad and his family in 1950. You can clearly see how some children resemble Opa and some resemble Oma. One didn't cancel out the other completely. (My dad is front row, 2nd from the left with the trouble-makers' smirk)

We see what we want to see. But here is the reality (damn I'm poetic):


Here is a picture of Jason and his class in Kindergarten. If you know Leo in real life, you can spot Jason in .02 seconds. But for those of you who don't, scroll down.

This photo made my jaw drop. I know my oldest is handsome. And I know he looks like Jason. But WOW!! God basically did a quick copy and paste job with this one.


Elena has been a mini-me of Jason since day 1:


Well Roman looks just like Jason. I know that because when Roman ran off at the store and I started backtracking to find him, a store employee approached me with him and said, 
"Are you with a man and 3 other kids?"
"Yes! And this one - thank you!"
"I saw your husband earlier and was actually looking for him because MAN do they look alike!"

And Jason's cousin (the little guy in red grabbing the antlers of a very dead deer)

And shoot, Roman even looks more like Kiefer Sutherland than he does me?!?!


And just for good measure I'll toss in a few of my own baby photos. 

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