WWRW - C.S. Lewis

Okay - so the kids are reading a whole lotta nuthin.  I picked up 10 awesome books from the library and we read them the first two days we got home and then they lost interest.  I am really looking forward to reading next to my children instead of reading everything to them!

But let's just skip to the awesome stuff I have been reading.  We'll start with the one that has taken me the longest but is the most awesome:

I started this one on recommendation by a friend after I told him about the charismatic community (aka cult) I grew up in.  This book was amazing.  But you won't believe me that I think it is amazing if you hear how long it has taken me to read it...since January!  Walking past this book every day for 10 months is the reason why I gave up Facebook!!

I am at the end and loved every bit of this book.  Especially after visiting Lourdes, Fatima and Medjugorje in college.  And the way the author writes the book from the perspective of a doubting Thomas makes it so much more interesting.  It is also really interesting to learn more of the Bosnian war after having driven through the areas with evidence of bombings still.  I plan on finishing this one right after:

This is a true love story about a self-professed "Pagan" couple in the 40s and 50s who pledge to live a life out at sea on a sailboat free from time, worry, obligation and responsible only for keeping their love intact.  Before they shove off for sea, they spend a couple years at Oxford studying, during the same period that C.S. Lewis is a professor there.

It is finally cold enough for a fire in Texas!!!

I am on the last 20 pages and will finish this one in less than a week.  Just put down the 50 Shades of Grey and read a REAL love story!!!  Scratch that - never pick up 50 Shades of Grey to begin with...

And lastly - the book I finished right after I swore off Facebook (and with the most perfect timing),

Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

All I have to say about this one is that it came at exactly the right time.  If I wasn't sure I wanted to quit Facebook before I read it, I sure as hell am now!!!  I think this will be a good book to re-read each Lent.  It is quick and really interesting.

I blame the last two books on the dark and sad post from yesterday.  It is impossible to read books that are this deep and introspective without getting all weird!! But hopefully this post is a little lighter :)

Now head over to Jessica's blog, Housewifepice to see what everyone else is getting into.  Jessica's book looks really interesting!!!


  1. Love the outfit and the smile! I've read screw tape probably four times and it is always new to me. And makes me get all introspective and weird, I hear ya.

  2. The Miracle Detective would make a great gift for some of my peeps. A Severe Mercy was a book club book for us. I just don't like Sheldon and he and his wife's totally hedonistic relationship drove me nuts! But all things come to good...

  3. Isn't Miracle Detective amazing? I've read critiques debunking some of the author's conclusions, but I don't care- it is such a fascinating story.

  4. wow--i want to read that too. i need more details about this charismatic community. my mom was very into that when i was a child as well.

  5. We have The Screwtape Letters on our bookshelf at home - maybe it's time I read it?


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