One giant update!

It has been a while.  Things just got busy!!  But that is a good thing for us. We have places to go and friends to play with.  Possibly the best problem to have right?

So I'll just do a huge update:

This guy:

Is a complete maniac!!

I ran in their room today to see that Roman climbed to the top bunk and tried to get off by hurling himself over the side.  

There is never a dull moment.  I think Elena and Leo were like this too.  But I can't remember if they were this wild.

Leo and Elena were always timid and cautious.  But not Roman!!!  He is pretty fearless.  And instead of scaring me, I kind of dig it!  I like seeing him get into trouble.  *Famous last words right?*

Although all of the pictures depict him independent and free, these were the only photos I managed to take in between putting him down and doing chores.  This kid is "attached".  But it is only when other people are around.  So this is my proof that he does exist outside of my arms!!

In addition to running straight into oncoming traffic, he can usually be found scaling every surface in the house.

"Roman!  Eat your toes!!"

His favorite part is to look up at us and see if we are all cheering for him as loud as we can

Of course we are!!

He also knows how to wave 

how to hug

And always knows where to find the best seats in the house

You would think all of that activity would mean that he is sleeping through the night...nope!  And I just can't listen to him cry at night so I always go get him and console him.  But three days ago I started rubbing my homemade magnesium lotion on his belly at bedtime and two nights he slept completely through the night!

This little lady:

is SUCH a girl!!!

No matter how hard Leo tries to get her to play ninja or bad guy games with him, it just won't work.

Unless she is certain that he can't really get her.  Then she'll show him who's boss!

She is into making silly faces now

And being my best little helper


And her hair - of course - the most talked about attribute of any of my kids.  I can't bring myself to trim it but had to resort to cutting tangles out when they get too bad!!

This guy:

LOVES his little brother.

He loves Elena too.  Just doesn't remember it sometimes :)

And he is officially old enough to do stuff.  He went to a St. Joseph carpentry workshop with Jason and built this!

Leo is really into building stuff now.  He creates massive robots, contraptions, villages, etc. out of random toys.

He is also my most outgoing.  If you come to our house, he is going to annoy you to death with "Hey!  Wanna see my room?"...Sorry...

Leo also just started asking major life questions.  He recently learned that his Granny's name is not Granny.  It's Carla.  This news completely blew his mind.  

On to Jason! 

Jason finally got to make a real Texan brisket in a smoker for a Memorial Day bbq we hosted.

(See his garden behind the smoker?)

It was glorious!!

Jason has lots of projects he is working on.  Most of them are just the leftover chores that I don't want to do, but they all keep him busy enough.  He asked me recently if I was happy with our decision to move to Texas.  I told him, "Actually, yes!"  His response was "It's better than you thought it was going to be right?!"  He is a proud Texan. And wants to plaster my minivan with this:

And lastly - me!

This past month Jason and I finally bought a second vehicle.   I have been wanting a jeep forever!  I owned one when I was 19 and wanted it back ever since.  

It is a '95 and has lots of miles on it.  But we only need it to go a few miles each day.  I lovingly referred to it as my fourth baby and confused a couple people on facebook.  I'm NOT pregnant!  But the jeep is my favorite creation.

Look what popped up outside our house:

Does it make up for the hotter than hell days we have in Texas?  

Not a chance.

I have been super busy with the foodclub.  I usually spend about 20 hours a week working on it!!  But the absolute biggest part of my work with the foodclub has been addressing food questions the members have.  Most of us are in the beginning stages of bringing healthier foods home.  I am a little further into my journey, but everyone is quickly converting to local/clean eating!

That's it.  I make no promises about frequency of blogposts.  I feel a little "talked out" by the end of the day between the kids, the foodclub, and my friends.  So when I go to open up a new blogpost, I just stare at the screen and draw a blank on words to put down!  This is such a great problem to have and I wouldn't change it for the world :)


  1. nice pics. looks very active over there. fun times.

  2. Love the Jeep . . . so fun! Your house looks like so much fun too and I LOVE that bunk bed. Where did you get it???

  3. Oh my gosh, so many updates (but not the kind I was expecting!). We miss you guys, but it looks like you are all doing really well in Texas. And yeah, the more kids you have the wilder they seem - it's either because the older ones are encouraging/laughing with them or because Mom's getting older and more tired. I'll let you know when I have it figured out.

  4. Do you follow the magnesium lotion recipe exactly?? I have been interested in making this for a while for myself but avocado oil is expeeeeensive. Wondered if I could sub almond or olive or coconut...
    Also--do you use the oil or flakes?

  5. These pictures of your family are so sweet! The kiddos sure do love each other. I enjoyed all the pictures! :]


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