True or False

True or False:

1) The back tire blew out and no less than 5 gentleman had to stop and try to help me.  The donut is hidden in a super secret hiding place and could only be released using a bit of kung fu magic and a few Chuck Norris moves..and 50 calls to the husband who didn't have his cell phone on him.  I was half-way through learning how to change the tire over the phone, when 2 men from Virginia stopped to finish it up for me.

2) I thought I had it all together for the foodclub and then wrecked an entire order that cannot be placed again until next month.  An order worth over $2,300.  For 26 people.  Gone.

3) I burned my finger tip so bad I had to keep my finger in ice water for over an hour.

4) I had a 10-minute-long conversation with a 65 year old East Texan Farmer this week.  We needed information so we could publish in the paper what produce will be available at the market this weekend.  I still have no idea what he said.  This is what I heard, "Mmh der der dat der der spinach.  Mer den der der ad ber der turnips."  At one point, I believe he was referencing a competitor because I heard the word "butthole".  I could have had a more meaningful conversation about farming with this guy...

5) I made these and let the kids have some.  I call them "So you want to clean up poop for 2 days" muffins.  Damn you almond flour...

Since all of the above statements are 100% true, and they all happened in the last 2 days, I decided to work on a few items to tip the scales in my favor.

Homemade nutella for the win!!!  This is the recipe.  I made it in my cuisinart and it took about 5 minutes!
I keep it in the fridge, but when it warms to room temperature, it is the same consistency as the store-bought stuff!

I used soaked and dehydrated hazelnuts and just added sugar, vanilla, cocoa, a little coconut oil and salt 

I used some of the scraps from the t-shirt bags we are making and made a fun scarf

Jason said it looks good enough to pass as a "real" scarf but I am skeptical.  For now, it will be in the costume bin :)

Here's to hoping the scales tip even more in my favor this weekend.  And that the foodclub members forgive me for my ridiculously large mistake...


  1. aw im sorry about the order :( that sucks. and the tire. ughhhh hopefully you guys have a wonderful laid back weekend

  2. I hope you're nursin' some mama juice right about now!

  3. Eeek. What a series of unfortunate events. I'm hoping that your Mother's Day weekend perks up. Happy Mother's Day!!

  4. At first I thought she was eating the nutella on eggs, and I didn't even think it was too weird coming from your kitchen, but then I realized it was bananas, which made us better friends. Happy Belated Mother's Day to one of the bestest!


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