Out with the old!

I spent the last couple days trying out three different blog readers now that Google Reader is kaput.

And here is the winner:


If you are in the market - I storngly suggest this one.  Soooo user friendly.  And it actually saves your place as you bounce around to comment and then return to the main screen.  I LOVE it!!

The Losers:
1) Feeder

But I think since it is linked to Google Reader, it might disappear as well.  And, it only works on one computin' device since it manually installs on your toolbar.  And I only used it once...meh

2) NetVibes

I tried really hard to love this one.  I was all set up to go and then found out about BlogLovin from Kat.  It is just not as good.  Similar.  But I prefer BlogLovin since it is easier to comment and visit blogs.

It is so easy to transfer your entire reading list to BlogLovin.  You just need to export the file from Reader first.  Under Reader, go to Settings, then click the Import/Export tab.  Then click Download your data through takeout.


  1. Lisa!! First, you made my day with your comment about Bloglovin' and then I stopped over here and you rocked my world by giving me the skinny on what worked and didn't. Hooray!! You just saved my sanity. My kids and my husband thank you :)

    Looking forward to making the switch and if it's easy and painless, all the better.
    Cyber hugs and thank yous from MN!!

  2. I am jumping on the bloglovin band wagon too! I love that you can actually see the pretty blog designs and it's so much easier to comment!


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