7 Quick Takes (#47)

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1) Elena is a big girl.  She don't need no stinkin' nap!


2) This guy hasn't napped in a year...

3) We pulled out Elena's 4T clothing and she chose her first outfit:

4) This is the best coloring stage ever.  She draws them on everything.  Even my bible study homework.  Which is awesome because I always get a smile on my face when I see these little doodles during Bible Study :)

But Leo came up with something brand new today.

This is the first time he drew the belly under the head.  And then he drew a baby in the belly.  Because it's me  and he is relentless about asking for a new baby.

If and when we ever get pregnant again, you better believe this will be my formal announcement:

5) I am participating in a faire with the other members of the brand new Farmer's Market.  It is the Tyler Mini Maker Faire and we are upcycling food-based items into really cool things.  I saw this DIY tutorial on Pinterest and finally got around to making mine!  I'm making 10 for the Faire and 10 for our pergola in the backyard.  (I got all the tin cans from a freecyle member).

We used one of these little fake flickering flames but I think a real tea candle will be much better.


6) Being Catholic was never as much fun as the other day watching all my friends with the Catholic Meme's on Facebook.  But the excitement of hearing about the white smoke and then waiting for our new Pope to come out onto the balcony was just blowing us over!!

Leo was so excited.  And even more excited when I told him that the Pope might be called Leo.

But then he wasn't Leo and I felt like the worst mom in the world...

But Elena was seriously so excited to hear that his name was Pope Princess.  

And then, all my hard work paid off, when Pope Francis started the blessing and both of my kids did this:
*Swelling with pride*

7) The first couple days were easy.  Now, the internal dialogue in my head sound like this all.day.long.

Is it Sunday yet?

Is it Sunday yet?
Is it Sunday yet?

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  1. Blast! Is it Sunday yet???

    That's hilarious about "Pope Princess." hehehehe

  2. Isn't that mommy with baby belly cute? It's funny because when I first scrolled through the post in reader I saw that photo and thought it was an announcement :)
    I think Catholic mamas all over the Bloggyuniverse will remember what they and their kids were doing when Pope Francis was announced and came out on the balcony. I was so emotional and giddy that I just couldn't even take pictures! It was a very good day for 'Pope Princess'(I love that!!) and Catholics around the world.
    You are a greater woman than I. Don't think I could do the no chocolate without having to be admitted to the loony bin after about day 2.

  3. Love the drawing/future baby announcement!!

    I agree with Sarah . . . I do not htink I could have that candy sitting out without giving it to my kids or eating it all myself!

  4. My girls read this over my shoulder and were giggling the whole time...until we got to "Pope Princess" at which point it converted to absolute hysterics. So funny!!!!!

  5. I LOVE your posts! Her first outfit...Pope Princess...so cute! :)

  6. That is most definitely the best coloring stage. My daughter is in that stage too and goes through all my printer paper in about 10 minutes.

    The baby in the belly has to be the cutest thing ever.

    Pope Princess! :)


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