Theme Thursday: Happiness or Joy

With a third birthday celebration last week, we had smiles left and right.  But this photo was my favorite:

Elena and her best friend Maggie

The runner-up:

We promised her big girl "princess" underw.ear when she turned three.  I let her wear them until she peed on my blanket.  She hasn't seen them since.  But it was a happy half-hour for her!

I'll do a proper birthday post soon.  But in the meantime - check out all the happiness and joy over at Cari's!   (Especially Cari's photo.  Which is bursting with more color than the toxic frosting on those oh-crap-we-need-a-cake cupcakes!!!)


  1. 1. Love the pics... even though Maggie is sporting the band aid to cover up the shiner (that is still there)
    2.LOVE the new header!!

  2. I'm always amazed at how happy new underwear makes children!

    To be honest, it makes me pretty happy, too...

    Some things never change.

  3. The pics are super cute! Happy 3rd birthday to your princess!!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love those photos. 3 year olds are so so so fun.

  5. That band-aid! Oh my gosh, I love love love it!!

  6. hahaha that is totally adorable - and oh hey Brooke I thought I recognized Maggie!!!


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