Seasonal Confusion Disorder

We've got it...

Between the 80 degree mid-December weather, Christmas preparations, and Leo begging daily to go trick-or-treating at the neighbors, 

we just can't commit to a season right now!

It's a complete free-for-all and everyone is confused

But then we received our package of Jesse Tree ornaments in the mail!!  Each ornament is so unique and fantastic.  I am so glad I was able to participate!  And now we had something tangible to prove that Christmas is coming!  Except for the tree part.

But while I was at my knitting group, Jason constructed an awesome Jesse Tree and let the kids decorate the wood:

How awesome are these ornaments!!!

I wish I could figure out how to read the scripture passage without screaming at my children to sit still or be quiet though...

We have officially decorated for Christmas now and between Pandora's Today's Christmas station and scrambling to grab pine needles out of Roman's hands before he eats them, we are finally starting to shift into Christmas properly. 

My absolute favorite ornament.

But the best way to gear up for Christmas in our house is...


How have I lived without a Kitchenaid Mixer???  I was gifted an early Christmas present from two very generous parents-in-law!!!  I LOVE IT!!!!! 

I don't love when my children steal a mixing apparatus and lose it though...
She's getting coal for Christmas if I can't find it...

By the way, if you need our new mailing address to *ahem* send me a Christmas card, let me know!!


  1. You have officially convinced me to bake today, I was going back and fourth- I cannot wait for the day that someone gifts me a kitchenaid mixer, I am drooling looking at yours.
    Also, I am so glad I am not the only one yelling at my ids to be quiet through our Jesse Tree readings, all the noise makes explaining the plagues to a 3-year-old even more confusing, which I did not think was possible.
    Love all the decor!!

  2. love that green dress on her.

    Since my kids have the attention span of a peanut or half a peanut, actually, I just either read a children's version of the verses or I just summarize them myself in kiddie language. I realize that this is "dumbing it down" but its supposed to be a fun activity anyway.

  3. OH my - the kitchen aid has been my lifesaver in the meal making dept. Did you know you can even SHRED chicken with the paddle apparatus? Genius, I tell you. Your house looks so cozy and welcoming for the Advent/Christmas season btw :)

  4. I love the picture of you with the kids - so sweet. My mom gave each of her daughters a Kitchen Aid mixer as a bridal shower gift - we were all excited to get it! And I for one need your new address, my dear!

  5. I like that Jesse Tree Jason made! I might commission one from Brian next year. We've used the rosemary "trees" from the grocery store in the past and planted them after.


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