Noah builds a playscape

Perhaps it was divine intervention.  God was all like, "Jason - move your family to Texas" and Jason was like "Uh...I dunno God.  We have plans you know."  And God was all "DO IT NOW!!"

And then the floods came:
The top is Katrina.  The bottom is Sandy!!!
For the very first time (that we know of) our old house in Maryland lost power!!  We missed it - being in Texas and all.  But we feel a little sorry for the new homeowner...

So, while all the East Coasters were buttoning up for the storm:

Jason was outside in the sun working with this all day!!

He built the kids their very own park in our backyard.  Leo is so excited that he promised he would play with it every single day.

Roman is just excited to be outside.  Watching squirrels.

Leo only came in once to eat.  He never left Jasons side!!

and Jason looked, and, behold, the face of the ground was dry.

Okay okay - so I'm being a little insensitive.  No more jokes about Sandy...

After I plucked dry leaf #582 from Roman's death grip, I decided it was time to bring him in.

Between work, Halloween, visits to Granny & Papa's, etc., he didn't get a chance to finish the fort right away.  But he worked late into the evening whenever he had a chance to get it finished!

And even though the plans called for a fort about 4 x 6, Jason doubled it!  How would we going to fit all our kids up there with such little space?????

Leo even got to try out his new shoes.  When his other shoes got wet.  Because he never left Dad's side.  

Not even when he had to pee...

Are we having fun yet?????

One of us sure is!!!

Our biggest issue is that none of the kids know how to pump the swings.  Elena figured a way around it:

And the ever gallant and gentlemanly Leo did as well!

(That's Maggie Doodle)

When it comes down to the choice between catching falling leaves...

And swinging??

It's a no-brainer!  

Now we need to figure out a better way of getting all three swings going non-stop... 


  1. That's perfect for your we-can-be-outdoors-all-year-long climate down there. Not that I'm jealous! The kids will learn to pump in a swing VERY FAST!! Maggie was like 3 when she learned because we had swings her whole life. JP was probably 6 ;)

  2. I love it! I have a feeling you'll be spending A LOT of time outside now. It'll be great!

  3. I love your blog. My Dad built us something similar (albeit less grand) when we were kids and I still remember it to this day.

    1. Thanks so much Diane!!! :) I hope the kids build fantastic memories on this playgym!!

  4. holy crap you guys are crafty and handy. we brought our neighbors hand me down swings from next door and even that i think we managed to screw up lol


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