7 Quick Takes (#40)

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1) I tried to avoid this as long as I possibly could.  I knew what was coming as soon as Leo started playing with Mega Blocks a couple years ago.

And then when my sister gifted us her huge bin of legos, I was grateful.  And fearful.  It's not like babies discriminate with what they put in their mouths. And even though legos can be super small, they can't feel good on their way out???

So the only solution I could think of was to put the lego bin out in the sunroom.

You can look! 
But you cannot touch!  

(As IF that will stop the kids from tracking through my house...)

2) We removed the microwave which really opened up the space above the stove-top.  

It also unearthed these hand-painted gems

How much do you think I could get for those beauties on E-bay???

3) Speaking of beauty

4) I was drinking wine and checking email the other night.  At some point during an email conversation that just got silly, I challenged Dwija.  She accepted and DELIVERED!!!  Check out her crusty takes this week :)

5) I hate velcro diapers.  I only buy snaps.  But I have velcro left in my stash.

Problem solved:

6) We have our own pecan tree in the backyard and we went outside to see if we could harvest a crop!

But only found 2 rotten ones on the ground and played on the swing set instead.

Then I found an advertisement for pecans.  $2/pound.  1 pound yields 2 cups of pecans.  


We have no idea how to crack these open.

But if it takes this long to crack open two, I'm in trouble.

I have big plans for these: Candied Pecans

7) I leave you with photos from two of our recent dance parties:


  1. i love the shenanigans going on at your house.

  2. Your family can't be any cuter!

  3. You can market the duck tiles as a Jemima Puddle Duck/Beatrix Potter nursery theme, it might work! I think you can put the pecans int he oven for a while and they crack open but then you have to shuck (shell? deshell?) them the rest of the way by hand which will leave your thumbs looking like a welder's. You might know that by now seeings as how I'm more than a week late to clearing out my Google Reader.


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