Settling In

I think it may have dawned on me, but I didn't really have too much time to think about it.  But my new house bears an extremely creepy resemblance to my old house...just messier...and greener





This house has the exact color scheme of my old house.  It's somewhat comforting, but also a little creepy.  I think it is probably what was attractive to me when we toured the house.  I had every intention of repainting the room but I gave priority to just getting out of that rental!!! 

But this house is H-YUUUUGEE!!  This is just one room:

With all this space, we probably should have been able to move in and spread out fairly easily, right?  

Wrong.  The previous owner lived in this house for her entire life.  She was in her 60s.  There are parts of this house that haven't seen the right, or wrong, side of a washcloth since before she was born.  A project this large required calling in the big dogs.  

The big dog ended up sleeping on the job. He spent the whole morning singing "Transformers!!  On-E-Eats-E-Onnnnn!!!"

So we called in our FAMILY!!

Many thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for coming to bail us out.  And giving me an excuse to make Buttermilk Pie.  And for cleaning out 60 years of fingernail clippings from the bathroom...

We have plenty of work to do in this house.  But it does have a few special features we discovered to be super awesome:

This one isn't unique, but it's new to us!  A place to hang the baby!!!

Our old house had no doorways to hang the jolly jumper!!  

And, more importantly, we were unaware that there are two sunlights in the house!!  One is in front of the fireplace and the other is in the center of the kitchen.  

We are now in full lounging mode and anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new sectional!!

I LOVE having family close by!!!  Thank you for helping us out!!!


  1. it looks so big and so awesome! I can't wait to see it when you're all done with it (which I hear with 3 kids is around the time the last one turns 18...)

  2. Ehermahgerd...I am so happy for you!

    Although the nail clippings thing did make me gag just a little.

  3. I wish I could come help you settle in. Why don't you just send the kids up North for a while until your house is done???


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