7 Quick Takes (#38)

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Why I love my life edition:

1) We moved in!!!!

And I have all my stuff back!!!

The kids are pretending to be "stuff" we have to carry into the house :)

I'm not really sure if we shared a ton of photos of the house, but you'll get a good idea in the next few weeks just what we're working with!


2) Jason bought me a new laptop!!! I can't believe it.  He takes good care of me...and my vices.  I also cannot believe that you can get a laptop for $299????  I remember people fighting in line for the Black Friday laptops at a "steal" for $600!  But, here I am, clickety-clacking way on two-hundred ninety-nine dollars worth of "me-time".  My husband rocks :)  And - sorry about that last post mocking you honey.  I'm still not taking it down.

3) Three nights in a row of that bad boy:

Even interrupted sleep in this bed is better than uninterrupted sleep on that Flinstone rock we were sleeping on this last month.  I am finally feeling refreshed and ready to rock and roll in the morning.  I make it out of the bed, and all the way to the couch for coffee without groaning!!

4) I finally have access to all my awesome cooking apparati.  Not only did I find them quickly when we arrived at the new house, but they all FIT in our new house!!
I am stupid excited about storing them all under that countertop.  Considering half of them used to be stored on that rolling unit to the right, this is a definite step forward.  And I even have room to fit some more!  

And I'm already cooking good foods again.  

We found out the previous owner took the fridge, washer and dryer with her so we were working with this as our fridge at first:

But now I have 26 cubic feet to pack with delicious foods!!!

Life is GOOD!!!

Shoot - I'm so happy to be in my own functional kitchen that I'm not even mad I have to deal with this!

Or even this!

5) When we started our house hunt, I made a verbal "wish list" to Jason.  It only had a few items.  But I thought I should put them out there.  And they weren't mandatory.  It was more of a: If we get to pick between a couple houses, these are the things that will pull me in one way or another.  I wasn't too convinced we would get any of the items because of our limited house budget.

The list was:

Master Bathroom:

Double Oven:


And a ton of space.


6) So, now that you know that I love it - what about the kids?!


First: As I promised them multiple times over the course of the last 3 months, their toys DID appear at the new house in Texas.  

We have a huge backyard to play in

They are finally allowed to jump on the beds again!!

They have their very own fort: 

Can you see him hiding on the left?

Mommy is well-rested and nice again!

And they found the costume bins!!!!

That's my old Smurfette dress!

Only one of the kids isn't happy about all the changes in his life recently:

So a lot of the work I do is with a baby attached to my hip

7) The only downside is that when we told the kids that we were finally here in our new house in Texas, Leo insisted that this couldn't be Texas because his Granny and Papa were not here.  He tells me many times every day that he misses his Granny and Papa.  We hope you come visit soon!

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  1. Awesome! So jealous of your gorgeous house!!!

  2. I really love your blog. It reminds me of when we moved here, and all the boxes and boxes and boxes. Your new house is so cute!

  3. Love, love, love it! All of it! Yay for finally being home! Good luck with all the unpacking. And, if we ever move, I'm TOTALLY shooting for a double oven :)

  4. WOW!! I know I overuse that word but it is totally applicable in this situation. I love it. So happy for you.

  5. nice house. Our old house had one of those overhang thingys with vines and flowers. It was nice. and my mom RERQUIRES a double oven too.

  6. aw I love your new house.....and all that space! As you guys do too. I can't believe that you let them jump on beds like that...my heart went up to my throat from the picture alone....then I remember that my sister and I used to play wrestle mania at that age and the name of the game was for me to throw her off me and into a nearby wall where she smashed into it (extra points if it was face first) and then laughing (sometimes crying) ran back to do it all over again. Kids...


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