The bed that came with the rental is somethin' else.  I am constantly battling fatigue and my real bed is over 30 miles away in storage.  My complete fatigue has rendered me wordless.  Jason loves it.  Except when he has something serious to talk about and I just give him my best blank stare response.  He has to schedule time to discuss important things.  It has to happen in the sweet spot right after my coffee has kicked in but before I am awake enough to start barking orders at him.

This post has been written, deleted and re-written over 5 times.  Are words really this hard to string together???  Rumor has it that I will be back in my own bed within 2 weeks.  If not, I'm moving into the storage facility.

So I'm just going to photodump.  Here are our best shots of the week:


  1. Dumps are awesome. Well, the picture kind are...

  2. they are growing up way too fast. I'm crossing my fingers that you get a good nights sleep soon (whether it be in a house or in the storage facility...)

  3. So cute!! I just read your private school post with the puzzle on it and then it looks like you deleted it. Oh well. Glad they liked the puzzle!! I don't know how people pay for private school either... and full-time daycare... Your kids are pretty smart, though. Unfortunately, that is the only input I can offer because my brain is fried.


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