The Moneymaker

I am always looking for new ways to make money.  And then it dawned on me:

Her hair is glorious!!!  

However this combination did it:

I don't really care.  I am just in love with the results!

Now that her hair has grown longer and she has grown some major personality, she reminds me of a certain actress.  

Despite my absolute love of Shirley Temple and my stage-mom dreams of fame and fortune for her golden locks, she sees right through Hollywood.


She knows it's only a matter of time before she gets bit by the child actor curse.

No matter which way I spin Toddler and Tiara glory, she knows her future in showbiz.  And she really likes her nose just the way it is.
Now that we live in the deep south, we could start to jazz up her makeup and tease the hair a bit more.  It would be completely normal.  As would entering toddler pageants...


However, she completely understands the 15 minute time limit.  And doesn't want to wash up on the shore of Dancing with the Stars in an attempt to revive her career with a 20 lb weight loss at the age of 45 (thats 88 in Hollywood years).

She's a smart cookie.

And as soon as I started to mention diction training and dance classes...

...she solidified her life as a mere layman.  Destined for work at the local County office.

She bent over to pick up a book and slammed her eye right into the TV stand!!!

I'm sure the injury directly to her money-maker was fully intended to stop my madness.  

It was nothing a little ice cream couldn't fix.

But it was certainly enough to move her down a few notches to understudy.   


Wait now!  What is this?

We have a new star!!!  Move over Justin Bieber!!


  1. Auntie Jules will teach you how to be a STAHHHH! ;)

  2. lol i adore her curls. and that sailor dress!

    I almost went up to a stranger in church to tell them I was in love with their daughters curls but i didn't want to sound stalker-ish. but I do wish my kids were curly. Red hair and curls--oh my, that is my dream child. Never happen though.|My kids are cursed with poker straight hair and limp and thin as well.

  3. She could so pull it off - but it would ruin her. She's a smart cookie that one. And seriously, are you watching Teen Mom in one of the top pictures????

  4. lo-freakin'-l And she really does look like shirley!

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