On Bromances and Romances

This is Brooke:

This is her husband, Old Man Dietel:

Brooke and I share the most important day of the year - our birthday.  We share identical matching heart pendant necklaces that both of our boyfriends (at the time) purchased since we are both ruby birthstones.  

We also share our husbands.  If our husbands are not at work or on the phone with us, they are on the phone with each other.  

Shall we call it a bromance?  Sure.

I met Brooke shortly after I started dating Jason.  She had her eyes set on Dietel and quickly moved in to seal the deal.  Our husbands are lucky Brooke and I get along smashingly.

While in Texas last week, we scheduled an outing with the Dietels and their two adorable daughters Maggie and Clare.  We were supposed to be convening at the local park.  But who needs a park when there is a dangerously high and large rock cliff to climb!!!

Jason and Old Man Dietel ran interference between the jagged rocks and the small balance-challenged children.

Maggie: Hey Elena!!  Here's yur sign!

Maggie: What the hell?!?!

We then took the children on a walk through the town of Fredericksburg.  While Brooke and I relaxed, we put the men to work.

We seriously don't even try to interrupt Jason and Dietel while they are lost in philosophical debates.

And, while Brooke outlined her wedding plans, we snapped photos of the betrothed couple and the sister-in-law

But Maggie might have a little competition

The M&M

Declaring his love for the M&M

Git in mah belley!!! 


  1. At least Elena can still be a Martin one day, right?? I love that Jason has a best guy buddy - those friendships are the best!

  2. look at those legs, ow-owww! I was talking about the m&m. :))

  3. So not the point of this post, I know, but I would seriously kill for Elena's curls.

  4. so adorable! we have friends JUST LIKE that, except they JUST got married a year ago and they don't seem to even want to start conversations about kid (ugh, come on people, get on the kid bandwagon already). The hubs and his bf(f) were actually born 1.5 days apart and the moms met at the hospital. The two have been inseparable ever since.


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