The Man of the Hour

Leo Gale - 6:30 pm on June 18, 2008

He insisted on coming out the hard way but has slowly made it up to me in the last 4 years :)

4 years old.

It sounds old, but he is still my little guy

As usual, Granny & Papa spoiled him for his birthday!  Thank you for ee!!

We even had a little birthday celebration in Texas for cousin Ramona, cousin Kevin and Leo!

Can you see the wad of cash in his pocket??

The big kid on the right - a big boy. 

The little guy on the left - still my little guy.  

The cutie in the middle - freaking adorable!

Not all that much has changed in four years :)


Although there is proof my little man is getting older - we can't WAIT to dig into these books!! 

Thank you Uncle Jeremiah and Aunt Jeanette!!!

Aside from being awesome, this fireman hose started a theme this birthday


What's a fireman without the proper uniform??

Thank you Uncle Nathan and Aunt Julie!!!

All. Business.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and wonderful little man!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Leo!! We have that Dangerous Book for Boys, and my guys LOVE it!

  2. Happy birthday. When was fathers day the week he was born? Was he born on it? He looks the same as a baby as he is now. Btw IMO a 4 yr old is still a baby. We used to have that fire hose when my big boys were still 4 year old babies :) they are too old for fireman stuff now :(

    4 is a cute age

  3. cutest fireman ever! Happy 4th birthday little man

  4. Well belated (no shock there), but HAppy Birthday, Leo, and happy birth day to you!


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