Been waiting for this!

The shared outfit photo!!!!!

This is one of my top favorite photos of :Leo as a baby.  It is one of only three photos decorating our walls

Here is one of the other photos of Leo on our wall
Clearly I only pick the best of the best

Anyway...This beloved outfit was hiding in the 3-6 month clothes and I just rediscovered it the other day along with the photos of Leo in it

Clothes for baby girls are fun - but clothes for baby boys are the BEST!!!!


  1. SOOOO SO CUTE! I love the photo of him holding a photo!

  2. freaky i can't tell the difference between the two and i'm confused is that leo or roman holding the pic of leo??

  3. Awww, it's fun for you know, but four boys later and that shirt won't be as exciting to pull out AGAIN!!

  4. So cute! I particularly like the picture of Leo with your mom.


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