Parties and Mustaches

The inaugural weekend of summer was pretty awesome.  

We had a block party with our neighbors complete with a ridiculous amount of delicious food.

Living near wealthy neighbors = AWESOME!!!!

Leo exited the slide in such a frenzy that he fell each time in the slippery mud and coated himself in yet another layer of mud.

While Leo played his heart out, the other two just lounged around

She calls him "My Nikolas"

We completed the weekend of parties and grilling with the most exciting things the kids had ever seen:

Roman finally felt like a member of the club.  He proudly wore his perpetual spit-up drool 'stash.

And if you think mustaches are as funny as Leo does - check out his ode to the mustache from 2 years ago.


  1. Gasp! A personal water slide! That is totally glorious.

  2. I love love love neighborhood block parties! The best!

  3. i want a water slide like that!


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