It doesn't get better than the platypus

And so does my friend Jennifer who gifted this awesome platypus to my kids.

Along with this awesome Leap Frog toy.  

Elena drew inspiration from Jennifer for this portrait:
Portrait of a Benefactor - Elena Gale

The resemblance is uncanny!

I have a terrible mom confession to make: Thanks to my thrill-seeking youthful days, every time my kids ride this squeaking bike, all I can think of is that scary bike-riding doll from Saw.  
*Hangs head in shame...  (Disclaimer - if you are unaware of the reference - do NOT google it.  Just be relieved you haven't wasted an hour and half of your life...)


Speaking of celebrity look-alikes:


Okay I'm going to stop now before this post gets any more creepy. 


  1. platypuses (platypi?) are also poisonous. the males have a spur on their leg that can kill a dog and inflict pain on a human.

  2. My husband bought that same stuffed platypus from the hospital gift shop when my son was born. He was so excited to see a stuffed platypus that he couldn't resist!


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