7 Quick Takes (#27)

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Facts about children edition

1) This is what post "naptime" looks like when they are big enough to get out of their beds and play the whole time...

2) They do not need a lot of new and fancy toys.  A tupperware container top has many purposes...

3) Having more of them does not mean that they all get less attention

But it does mean that you have to watch them closer :)

(Elena is showing Roman her sharp rock...)

4) Children who watch TV are not complete zombies who lose all  ability to imagine and be creative

5) Children are part-illogical and part-genius all in the same tiny sticky and dirty little body.

This is Leo's photo shoot that he created the other day:

Talk about abstract metaphorical art!!

I'm showcasing it at a local art show to see if we can make any money...

6) Of all the cliches - "They grow up so fast" is the WORST.  But only because it is so true

7) And when I have especially tough days, I cling to the wisdom of the women who have gone before me.
If it turns out she was lying, I'm demanding my money back...or shipping my children to her house

Thank you to the lovely Hallie for hosting this week!!


  1. I'll take them! Just hang in there...you and Jason are doing so awesome! Happy Mother's Day to one of the best!

  2. It's all an elaborate lie to just annoy the heck out of ppl.

    Regardless, cute post.

  3. Oh man....I cannot imagine life at your house. Although I do imagine I would have a ton of fun. And be very tired.

    Side note: so we follow that whole thing where we don't really let our kid do the TV thing before 2 (which really isn't all that true since she's allowed to watch it in the car - I don't like driving with a screaming toddler - but that's about 5 minutes of the day). And here is what I have to say - I think her language might actually be developing slower than those who watch TV.....I'd like a study to explain that one.

  4. How did I miss this? SO cute and funny, your kids look like they just love each other so so much, that is the best. And I loved Colleen's post too :)


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