And so it begins....

This used to be his favorite toy...

He is officially "mobile" - but not in that predictable "he's going for the pile of cobweb crusted peanuts behind the couch" way.  You never know which direction he is headed in!

Dolphin position is the only position we have a guarantee of zero movement.

While we were whaling it up on the floor, I decided to snap a few photos with my camera.  
(A rarity these days since life jumped up and hit me like a semi.)

Artistic shot #1

Artistic shot #2

I deeeeefinitely missed my calling...


  1. Nnnnnnoooooo!!!!! He is growing up too fast!

  2. What??? That's way too young. He's a genious for sure!

  3. Seriously STOP IT!!! They grow too quick! AHHHHH!! Can we please be neighbors?!:) Our kids would have a blast! It's nice to see some other Catholic mamas out here!:)


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