7 Quick Takes (#28)

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

Keeping it short and sweet.  I have a margarita screaming my name.

1) Hey, If I were this cute - I would want to eat myself too :)

2) Mom's group met up at the most magnificent park in the world.  As the mom with the oldest child in the group, I keep insisting that as your child gets older, they get way easier and more rational...

3) Bedhead-1, Barette-0...Fail.

 4) Normal springtime rainstorm entertainment

Creepy springtime rainstorm entertainment

5) I am exactly this far in finishing my thank you c....

6) At least the dinosaurs are well-nourished around here??

7) Coincidentally - She was the first to get a full-belly laugh from Roman

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!!!  And and big thank you to Jen for being the gracious host.


  1. Thank you notes? Really? I feel like with all those kids and things to do, thank you notes would just be...forgiven. Shoot...

  2. I have thank you cards from march to finish

  3. #3: Oh well... it's the cutest bedhead ever.

    Enjoy your margarita.


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