Getting back to normal

Every now and then, Jason and I will look at Roman and be instantly transported back in time.  

The two of them resemble each other most when they are sleeping.  Roman has an entirely different look than Leo, but there are enough similarities that we both get a little freaked out!

Over the last week, I finished the Hunger Games (oooooohhhhhhh so good!!!!), we played outside almost every day, my energy started to return, we had a playdate, hosted mom's group, and we walked with neighbors to the local ice cream stop a couple times.  This is the benefit of a February baby.  You start feeling better just as spring starts to emerge.  

The kids are still as in love with their little brother as the day we brought him home.  The little guy is smothered in so much love and kisses all day that I don't know why people think having more children is unfair to the kids.  Everyone is getting their fill of love and attention all day around here!!!

Elena has been adorably creative lately.  She likes to put things together and see how they work.

And Leo has quickly figured out that if he does clean up, he can earn a turn with his Pacman Remote (this thing plugs into your TV and has 8 of the classics!)

Yup.  Life around here has returned to normal and we are loving it!

Piggybacking so Mommy can cook!

But the best part of the last week has been the smiles and talking from Roman!!!

And what is so funny to the little guy?

I love them :)

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