7 Quick Takes (#23)

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1) Two weeks ago, Jason and I took the kids to the bounce house!  


Leo and Elena rocked out.  This is about all the excitement Roman could handle.  The bouncing motion of the huge slide rocked him right to sleep!


2) We decided to make a day of it, and braved our first outing as a family of five to a restaurant!  This was where we got a big surprise from Leo.  The restaurant was the type where you can draw on the table.  Jason wrote Leo's name...

Leo copied him (the "l7O" is Leo's version of his name).  

Then Leo studied the letters and had another go at it:

And he knocked it out of the park!!!

(I tried to get a close-up of the "E".  He added about 20 extra legs to his letter E!!)

And while Roman made me look like Supermom of the Century, Elena and I pigged out!!  It was a very ambitious outing for the 5 of us but I was going stir-crazy and needed to get out :)  And bribing me with fattening Italian food took my mind off the craziness of our family long enough to enjoy entirely too much food.

3) I finally finished knitting Roman's blanket!!!  I had to do green since I didn't know his gender when I started it.

 I messed it up 6 ways to Sunday but when he is laying on it, I get too distracted by him to notice all the mess-ups.  And it has character!

It is called a Baby Chalice Blanket and I got the pattern from Ravelry.com.  You can see the chalice pattern really well in these two shots.  I'll definitely make some more stuff with this pattern!

4) It is no coincidence that a newborn starts to smile about the same time they start to wake up mom a lot more at night!!

 I never catch the full smile on camera since I'm so busy these days, but I have caught a few small "smirks".


5) Leo is full of surprises lately.  He spontaneously breaks into prayer at random points during the day.

The prayer is short and sweet and goes a little something like this,

"I bless myself.  I go to Oma's house to play." *repeat* 

6) The first days of...Spring??? are upon us?!?!  We'll take it!!

The kids find all sorts of treasures outside to share with their chairbound little brother.  And we squeezed in two "pancake" lunches!

7) After hearing about it 24/7 for the last couple weeks, I finally drank the Kool-aid and bought the Hunger Games Trilogy for my Ereader.  So far, I am completely engrossed!  I made sure to start reading on the beginning of Jason's weekend so I can ignore all my duties and just read :)  So, you might see my children running around outside looking a lot like this for the next couple days...Sorry 'bout the fuzz...I'm too busy reading to steady the camera...

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